One of the best spa massage Nha Trang with a natural view

Located by the gentle Cai River, Sen Spa is one of the best spa massage in Nha Trang, you will be embraced with green natural outdoor space, to relax and refresh yourself. With classic design combining modernity, close to nature with a river view but no less luxurious, will help you relax and refresh yourself.

Sen Spa with location near cultural relics Thap Ba Ponagar and located on the way to Thap Ba hot spring and mud bath resort, offers a perfect opportunity for you to explore these attractions along with the spa. It will certainly be very convenient for you to stop by in your travel journey to experience and discover Nha Trang.

Clip introduces natural space and atmosphere.

Sen Spa with river view

Why customers like Sen Spa
Customer feel relax at Sen Spa
Customer feels relaxed with natural atmosphere
Spa with natural view
Spa with stunning natural river view

Various spa and massage services:

At Sen Spa, you can easily choose your favourite spa and massages such as: traditional relaxing Vietnamese style, Foot massage, Thai massage style (light pressure and stretches your body), Deep tissue massage, Body massage with hot stones and aroma oil, Facial care, Body scrub and Body mask, Sauna and steam bath.

Massage body with hot stones

Massage body with hot stones

Facial care

Facial care

Sauna room with natural view

Sauna room with natural view

Steam bath with river view

Steam bathroom with river view

There are also many package services to meet your diverse needs at an affordable price.

Enthusiastic and happy reception team will give you dedicated service advice, help you choose the service that best suits your needs.

All essential oils and materials from natural herbs, no harmful chemicals will take care of the best for your health and skin.

Quality therapists at Sen Spa:

A team of dedicated, highly skilled therapists who are professionally trained and have a lot of experience will surely help you to be satisfied and feel the maximum benefits of the services.

Our focus on service quality ensures that our therapists receive meticulous training in luxurious spaces, mastering high-class massage techniques to deliver excellent results and satisfaction.

Their professionalism and dedication, combined with the sophistication and coziness of our spa spaces, contribute to unique and unforgettable experiences for our customers.

Therapist at Sen Spa
Professional therapist
Best massage in Nha Trang
Dedicated therapists

High-class relaxing spa space:

The space of treatment rooms, a hallmark of our brand’s commitment to excellence, is individually designed, airy, open to the scenery, and welcomes the natural wind.

Our brand is recognized for creating spaces that are both open and private, ensuring customers experience the most relaxing moments in a high-class relaxing environment.

Clean beautiful treatment room
Spacious luxurious privacy treatment room
Luxury relaxing space
Luxury room with natural view

Providing quality massage spa services:

Having been voted one of the most popular spas and massage in Nha Trang beach city – Khanh Hoa – Vietnam for many years, Sen Spa will be a place of relaxation and health care for you, offering remarkable relief from stress.

Customers like Sen Spa

Besides high-quality spa services designed to alleviate stress and rejuvenate your body and mind, you also have the opportunity to experience and enjoy an exciting & fun foot massage by Dr. Garra Rufa Doctor Fish.

Foot massage by Dr. Garra Rufa doctor fish

Customers enjoy foot massage by fish
Customers enjoy foot massage by Doctor fish.

Sen Spa is very pleased with you to experience the unique and exciting spa services from the first steps to the last relaxing minutes along with a free drop-off shuttle service to the city center at your request.

We also have daily pick-up service three times at 10:00 – 14:00 – 18:00 at Nha Trang Center.

Free transportation to city center

Treament room with natural view

Welcome to Sen Spa to relax and experience professional health care and feel great benefits for your body, especially in providing relief from the pressures of modern-day life.


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