Sen Spa Nha Trang

Welcome to Sen Spa Nha Trang !

Sen Spa is a well loved destination among savvy locals in Nhatrang, Vietnam and international tourists. With a decade of experience, Sen Spa is the ideal choice for all kind of healthcare massages for all ages.

Situated by Cai river, Sen Spa is designed and built with an architectural style that blends neoclassicism, romanticism, impressionism and embraces nature. Sen Spa is a little green oasis where visitors can get carried away by the soothing green color of trees, the gentle flowing river, the sound of lively birds, soft music and the fragrance of essential oils infusing the air… and leave stress behind.

Little green oasis

Little green oasis

Let’s come to Sen Spa after hard work hours to feel your energy refreshed. Let’s come to Sen Spa with your spouse, friends and family to enjoy the best gifts of relaxation for yourself and loved ones. 

First step into Sen Spa

First step into Sen Spa

Service quality:

Established in 2013, with nearly 10 years of experience in the spa massage field, many consecutive years were voted as one of the best massage spa locations with top quality – prestige – professional service in Nha Trang on reputable review sites.

Sen Spa has become a place of relaxation and wellness that is loved by many domestic and foreign tourists.

Customers love Sen Spa

Customers love Sen Spa

Relaxing spa space:

Sen spa is designed close to nature, with classical architecture combining modernity, sophistication but no less luxury.

The space of the treatment rooms is designed separately, airy, can open the door to see the river and welcome the natural wind. A space that is both open and private will help customers have the most relaxing moments.

Spa massage room with natural view

Treatment room with natural view

Spa massage room with natural view 2

River view treatment room

With the open space at Sen Spa, you will surely have wonderful and exciting moments of relaxation.


Sen Spa offers many types of therapeutic massage such as Dry and Wet Sauna; Vietnamese body massage, Thai or Swedish massage style; Body massage with aroma oils and hot stones, Body massage with fresh ginger or herbal bags; Deep tissue massage; Foot massage; Candle massage; Body scrub and Body mask; Waxing; Facial care with botanicals …

Various spa massage services

Various spa massage services

Essential oils and natural herbal ingredients will soothe your mind, revitalize your health and brighten your skin.

Spa goers can also custom design your own massage packages that suit your needs and choice of natural products.

Thai massage

Thai massage

Sauna room

Sauna room with river view

Staff and Therapists:

At Sen Spa, we understand that to best care of our clients, it is crucial to take care of our own staff and therapists. Staff and therapists frequently have their skills trained and updated. All have their health insurance, vacation and policies to ensure they can dedicate time for their family and young children. Sen Spa prides ourself on our partnership with such dedicated, professional and friendly staff and therapists. 

With our motto of nonstop learning, Sen Spa welcomes all contributing ideas that help the betterment of our services and human resources. 

Dedicated therapists

Dedicated therapist

Welcome to Sen Spa to take care of your health and enjoy the most relaxing moments!

Customers satify with quality services

Customers satify with quality services


Address: 241 Ngô Đến

Working hours: 8:30 – 20:30

Phone: 0258 – 382 9899

Hotline: 0908258121

Zalo/Viber/WhatsApp/KakaoTalk/WeChat: +84.908.258.121