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Reflexology foot massage Nha Trang and great effects for all ages!

What is a foot massage?

The feet are considered the second heart, containing many acupuncture points and blood vessels affecting parts of the body.

Foot massage is massage therapy, acupressure focusing on the feet, where there are more than 7,000 nerves and many acupuncture points corresponding to the internal organs in the body. Previously Traditional Chinese Medicine has used foot massage to identify and cure many ailments.

With massage movements, acupressure, and pressure on the feet, foot massage will affect the nerves and acupuncture points in the feet and soles to help release energy blockages in the body and helps blood circulation. Therefore, foot massage and reflexology, a non-medical treatment, are very good for your health and beauty.

Foot massage at Sen Spa
Foot massage at Sen Spa

The effects of foot massage:

  • Improves blood circulation:

A busy life is sedentary, and wearing high heels often interferes with blood circulation. Through massage movements, acupressure will help blood circulate throughout the body, especially helping to increase blood flow to the legs, helping to reduce pain and numbness.

  • Helps relax nerves and improve mood :

After a tiring and stressful working day, the massage and acupressure on the acupuncture points in the soles of the feet help to relax, and reduce anxiety and stress very effectively.

  • Helps you sleep better:

Gentle foot massage improves blood circulation and helps you sleep better.

  • Helps prevent injuries :

Regular foot massage and reflexology will help the muscles in the feet and ankles become more robust and flexible to prevent injuries.

  • Helps reduce edema in pregnant women :

Pregnant women often experience swelling in the feet and ankles during the last three months of pregnancy. Regular foot massage is a gentle, effective treatment to reduce swelling in pregnant women. 

Effects of foot massage
Effects of foot massage

How to do the foot massage – The order to conduct foot massage:

Foot massage has a relatively fixed procedure, so it is impossible to use your feet to conduct a massage arbitrarily. Of course, the massage sequence to protect health should not be molded by machines, it can be flexibly changed depending on the actual situation to choose the right sequence for you to conduct. 

  1. Soak your feet with warm water or herbs.

Before conducting a foot massage, always use warm water or herbal medicine to soak your feet, which can increase the sensitivity of the feet and improve the treatment effect. Usually the water temperature is between 38-45 degrees Celsius.

Soak your feet in warm water
Soak your feet in warm herbal water at Sen Spa

  1. Massage the feet and soles

Place both hands on your feet, gently stroking from your toes to your ankles. Move your hands to either side of the ankle bones, and then use your fingers to rub along the soles of your feet. Repeat this operation several times.

Use the width of your palms to perform circular motions along the soles of the feet, up on the sides of the feet, and past the insteps. This exercise improves body’s overall posture and brings fresh blood to the feet.

Massage feet and soles
Massage feet and soles

  1. Stretching the feet

Fingers dug around the soles of the feet, glued the wrists and two thumbs to the edges of the instep. Pull toward the ankle. This stretch creates a comfortable sense of width and space in the foot.

Stretching the feet

  1. Ankle massage

Lift the foot with one hand, and use the fingertips of the other hand to massage around the outer ankle bone. Apply this action to the inner ankle.

Ankle massage

  1. Acupressure on the soles of the feet

Using the thumb mainly to press the reflex zones and acupoints in the soles of the feet is equivalent to parts of the human body: eyes, liver, stomach, intestines, lungs, heart, and spleen,…

There are six most important acupuncture points of the foot: 

  • Dung Tuyen acupoint : [Location] Located at the sunken point of the soles of the feet 1/3 forward. [Treatment] Can strengthen the kidney, detoxify the kidney, and effectively regulate the body.

Dung Tuyen's grave

  • Inner family : [Location] Located between the 2nd and 3rd toes. [Treatment] Toothache, backache, trigeminal neuralgia.

Noi Dinh Cemetery

  • Bat Phong acupoints : [Location] Includes 8 points in between the toes of the 2 feet. [Treatment] Helps treat diseases of rheumatism, toe inflammation, and foot pain. 

Bat Phong Citadel

  • Thai pulse point : [Location] 2 inches above the first and second toe slits, first and second finger concave areas. [Treatment] Headache, dizziness, epilepsy, children hit by wind, urinating incompatibility, uterine bleeding.

Thai Chong Acupoint

  • Suture Point : [Location] Located below the medial ankle, between the shin bone and the toe. [Treatment] Soft tissue around the ankle is damaged, and instep pain, gastritis, colitis, and poor digestion.

Thuong Khau Citadel

  • Xie Khe Point : [Location] The concave part between the tendons of the foot and the muscle of the big toe, located between the horizontal line between the ankle and the instep. [Treatment] Joint pain, soft tissue damage, headache.

Xie Khe Acupoint

  1. Toe massage

The toes were subjected to a fantastic amount of stress. That’s why the impact and toe massage greatly affect the whole body. With one hand on the foot, the other hand massages the toes from the big toe to the little toe. If necessary, you can change hands.

• Poor body posture sometimes causes stress on the toes. That’s because the body weight is not evenly distributed across the feet.

• The soft skin between the big toe and the second toe is especially sensitive to contact, so be careful, pulling may tickle the person receiving the massage.

• Don’t pull your toes too hard.

Toe massage

  1. Stroking the shins

First, apply oil on the legs and perform continuous massage movements, then massage in the shape of a fan to relax the legs. To relieve tension in the lower leg, apply a deep massage to the area between the shin bones. Poke the soft end of the thumb between the two long bones and work it out from the ankle to the knee.

Stroking the shins

  1. Relax your knees

Slide your fingers under the pillow to support it. Use the soft end of your thumb to trace around the circle of the kneecap, from the base to the top of the bone, clearly back and forth. Repeat a few times. Then use the soft tips of your thumbs to round the top of the kneecap. Press firmly but gently.

  1. Stretching two legs

Warm up the thighs with massage movements in the shape of a fan, a circle, then a massage. Continue with a few directed massage movements, going from the foot up to the thigh, then glide down again, along the sides of the leg, and finally out of the foot. Repeat all these movements with the other leg. 
While moving from the bottom up, correct your posture accordingly.

Stretching 2 legs

After finishing the foot massage process, proceed to clean the feet. After that, you should let the person being massaged rest for about 5 minutes; at this time, thirst and urination often appear.

Who should use foot massage service:

  • Foot massage service is a perfect option for both men and women.
  • Especially those who work in the office sedentary.
  • People who often stand and walk a lot.
  • Always wear high heels.
  • Strong sports.
  • People with stress, fatigue, stress insomnia.
  • Women who are pregnant.
  • People who like to travel move around a lot after having fun in Nha Trang.
Foot massage for everyone
Foot massage for everyone

Foot massage Nha Trang – health care at Sen Spa includes the following 7 steps:

  • Step 1Herbal feet soak.
  • Step 2: Apply a natural mask to help the skin glow naturally.
  • Step 3: Foot massage + foot reflexology to help meridians circulate.
  • Step 4: Foot massage with hot stones (according to the guest’s option).
  • Step 5: Hand massage.
  • Step 6: Massage and acupressure head.
  • Step 7: Massage and acupressure the neck and shoulder.  
Foot massage at Sen Spa
Foot massage at Sen Spa

With foot massage treatment at Sen Spa, it not only helps your feet relieve aches and pains but also gives you moments of great comfort and mental relaxation.

Please spend 1-2 sessions/week next Sen Spa foot massage to take care of your health and spirit.

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