Full Body Hot Stone Massage And 5 Great Benefits For Our Body

Massage body đá nóng và lợi ích tuyệt vời cho cơ thể

The great benefits of Hot Stone Massage for your body

What is Hot Stone Massage?

The hot stone massage is a massage therapy that uses heated smooth stones to massage the body. The heat and weight of the stone warm and relaxes the muscles, allowing the massage therapist to apply deeper pressure without causing discomfort.

With the principle of heating the body with different temperatures, hot stone massage helps the body’s tissues to expand, reducing muscle tension or pressure on the nerves causing stress and fatigue naturally.

With each stone, there will be different temperatures, placed corresponding to the acupuncture points, which have the effect of heating the body, helping people relax and comfortable.

Hot stone therapeutic massage
Hot stone therapeutic massage

Why is hot stone massage so popular?

That is because of the significant effects and benefits that it brings. More and more people are increasingly choosing hot stone body massage therapy in spas for beauty care as well as relaxation and health therapy because of its great benefits. The benefit of hot stone massage will help you:

  • Relieve muscle tension and pain: The heat of the stone helps increase blood flow to the area being massaged, relieves muscle spasms, and increases muscle flexibility.
  • Relieve stress and anxiety: The hot stone massage affects psychological balance, relieving stress, tension, and fatigue.
  • Sleep better and deeper, reduce insomnia symptoms: The leading cause of insomnia is that the acupuncture points inside the body are not released, the blood stagnates, and the circulation is blocked. At that time, the hot stone massage will help your muscles relax, the body is more refreshed, healthier and easier to fall asleep, bringing a better and deeper sleep.
  • Strengthens resistance – reduces autoimmune diseases: Regular hot stone massage helps improve immune system health naturally, and may reduce some chronic diseases related to the nervous and muscular systems, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Support weight loss and improve skin: Using hot stones in a full body massage also helps make the skin smoother and brighter. Thanks to the hot temperature of the stone, it will dissolve excess fat tissue and safely excreted through sweat, so it also has the effect of losing weight and regaining a slim waist for women.
Hot stone body massage
Hot stone body massage

Who should use hot stone massage service:

All men or women of all ages can use hot stone massage therapy to relax and dispel fatigue. Especially:

  • People who are stressed, tired due to the pressure of work.
  • People who are having trouble sleeping and insomnia.
  • People who do office jobs sit often, are sedentary, and exercise less.
  • People at risk for arthritis, are overweight.
  • People suffer from muscle tension or pain due to too much exercise or exercise.

Who should not have a Hot Stone Massage:

The following people should not apply this therapy: Pregnant women, people with cardiovascular disease, people with burns or skin diseases, people with diabetes.

Hot stone massage at Sen Spa:

The hot stone massage process includes the following eight steps:

• Step 1: Massage, acupressure for the whole body to help relax muscles.

• Step 2: Massage, acupressure therapy for the back, shoulder, and neck area.

• Step 3: Massage the back and shoulders with hot stones + warm stones on the back.

• Step 4: Massage, acupressure to clear the meridians in the thighs, shins, and feet.

• Step 5: Hot stone massage in the foot area helps blood circulation.

• Step 6: Massage with hot stones and natural essential oils in the hands and shoulders to relieve aches, pains and muscle tension.

• Step 7: Hot stone massage and natural essential oils help reduce belly fat.

• Step 8: Massage and acupressure on the head area to help relax, reduce stress and headaches.

Hot stone massage at Sen Spa
Hot stone massage at Sen Spa

The hot stone massage therapy package not only helps you relieve fatigue, stress and regain fresh energy for your body but also improves your health and beauty. Sen Spa with a team of skilled and professional technicians, will bring a sense of satisfaction to customers.  Make an appointment for a weekly hot stone massage at SEN SPA to better care of yourself.

Read more: https://senspanhatrang.com/en/deep-tissue-massage/ 

Reference link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stone_massage 


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