Thai Massage and Great Health Benefits

Thai massage and the benefits for health
Thai massage and the benefits for health

Thai Massage in Nha Trang and unexpected benefits to human health

Thai massage is one of the techniques of traditional Thai medicine, which has been continuously developed over the past 1,000 years.

What is Thai massage ? Origin and birth ?

Thai massage – stretch the back like a cobra
Thai massage – stretch the back like a cobra

Thai massage originated in India and has been around for more than 1,000 years. Initially considered a healing art related to circulation and energy balance, traditional Thai massage includes influences from both Indian Ayurvedic and Chinese Tui Na.

Unlike regular massages, you lie on the massage bed while the masseuse applies oils to your body and massages your muscles and acupuncture points.

Instead, you lie entirely on a mat while the masseuse uses stretching, massaging, and swinging techniques to reduce stress, promote relaxation, improve flexibility and cycle.

Thai massage focuses on improving the flow of energy throughout your body. By very methodical manipulations, it acts on the energy meridians, also known as the Lotus meridians.

Yoga is generally recognized as the most effective way to maintain the health and flexibility of the body. However, getting a Thai massage is a very relaxing and simple way to get the same or even better benefits than yoga without you having to do the movements alone. Thai massage is sometimes called lazy yoga.

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The role of the Thai massage method:

Thai Massage – Stretching hand, shoulder muscles
Thai Massage – Stretching hand, shoulder muscles

So who are Thai-style massage and manipulation methods for ? Please, it is you who will need it, if your body seems to say: “Touch me,” “Stretch for me,” “Listen to me,” “Calm me,” or “ Heal me.” Such body calls are often overlooked.

In modern life, people often rely on new machines and technology to satisfy their desire for success and freedom. Our aim is to make life more convenient and comfortable while having more free time than ever. We hope that through that we will become healthy, young, and free from disease so that we can enjoy a better life.

There is a marked tendency for people to indulge themselves more and more, which unfortunately goes hand in hand with deficiencies in other areas such as regular physical exercise and social relationships with people around.

Thai massage will help you achieve complete recovery, balance, healthy and happy life.

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Khách hàng cảm thấy thư giãn

Principle of Thai massage:

Thai massage – stretching neck and shoulders
Thai massage – stretching neck and shoulders

According to Thai medical theory, the energy needed by the body circulates along the Lotus meridians. These energies govern all physical, mental and emotional processes, which only usually occur when adequate energy is provided. The Chinese call this energy “Qi”.

Any imbalance or blockage in the energy cycle can cause pain and illness. When both the energy circulation system is working correctly and the energy distribution is balanced, you will feel relaxed, happy, energetic and will not feel any pain or stiffness in the muscles.

Thai massage focuses on affecting the main lotus meridians. The careful application of pressure along these lotus channels helps to clear any blockages and improve stagnant energy in the flow of energy. Pressing and stretching the muscles promotes the circulation of energy in the muscles.

Recipes and benefits of Thai massage for health:

What is the secret of a Thai massage? The answer lies in the fact that this method allows you to press on your muscles and regulate energy flows. This is the factor that affects the level of flexibility and has the effect of balancing the impact of the muscles on both sides of the body.

The difference between the lengths of the muscles at rest and full contraction determines the degree of mobility of the joint involved. When the muscles are tense, they will contract even if you do not intentionally contract them. This condition can happen when you overwork your muscles, don’t use them properly, or be due to psychological stress.

Whatever the reason, the end result is an increasingly limited range of motion and joint stiffness and pain that characterizes the aging process. Muscles that contract and become tight can exert unequal forces on the spine – the vital structure that contains the spinal cord.

This phenomenon results in back pain, neck pain, and headache that often recurs. Thanks to its superior stretching ability that systematically affects all the vital organs in the body, Thai Massage allows you to achieve results that other body exercises cannot provide. Thai massage helps you bring harmony and rhythm to your body which is often absent in everyday life.

Thai massage – stretching back
Thai massage – stretching back

Thai massage also helps to soothe pain, relieve stress and bring complete comfort. The wholeness referred to here includes both the emotional as well as the physical aspects that are evident on the outside.

From a Western medical perspective, it is easy to see that massage and manipulation can stimulate blood and lymph circulation, warm tissues, increase flexibility and reduce pain – all of the above effects. Mainly physical.

Thai massage also has such great power that it can affect the hidden nooks and crannies of the human body. During a massage, the body releases nervous system fluids called endorphins that relieve pain and create a feeling of vitality.

People who regularly use Thai massage will have a feeling of relaxation, peace of mind, fun, flexibility and youthfulness.

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Techniques used with Thai massage:

Thai massage – Stretching technique for hands and back
Thai massage – Stretching technique for hands and back

The techniques of pressing, twisting, massaging, stretching, and pulling … are used in Thai massage to help promote and stimulate the circulation of arising energy as well as release blocked energy flows, causes that interfere with the balance that is essential for maintaining a “healthy” body free from “sickness”.

Here, the two phrases “healthy and not “sick” refer to people’s physical but also mental, and emotional aspects.

The technique of twisting the ankle
The technique of twisting the ankle

Does Thai massage hurt?

Thai massage can be painful, but there is a difference between discomfort and pain caused by excessive or inappropriate pressure and stretching.

While it can be difficult to avoid some discomfort with a Thai massage, a qualified masseuse will be able to adjust the massage pressure and motion so you are pain-free.

Things to note when doing Thai massage:

Costumes when doing Thai massage
Costumes when doing Thai massage

With Thai massage, you will be wearing a loose set of clothes. A Thai massage usually lasts from 60 minutes to two hours.

Usually, you will lie on a mat or massage mattress on the floor. Once on the mat, the masseuse will slowly move your body through several stretches, using your body’s weight and pressure to support you.

Unlike Swedish massage, oil is not used and your muscles are not usually kneaded. Instead, the masseuse will use your hands, thumbs, elbows, and knees to stretch, pull, and shake different body parts. They may even sit on you to pull you into certain positions.

Some types of stretching may involve yoga-like movements.

If your muscles are sore or tight, you may feel discomfort. Let your masseuse know to relieve pressure and muscle tension.

If you have an injury, or some parts of your body are particularly sensitive to pain, be sure to notify the masseuse before they begin the massage session.


Do not give massage to anyone with heart disease, high blood pressure or cancer.

• Thai massage is not suitable for people with brittle bones (osteoporosis).

– Do not give massage to people with artificial joints, such as hip or knee replacement.

• Do not massage the affected area for people with skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis or shingles (shingles)

• Many of the exercises in this manual are unsuitable for pregnant women and Thai massage is not recommended during pregnancy.

• Do not massage the areas with varicose veins vigorously

• If the person being massaged has any symptoms that cause the masseuse to suspect that the massage is not possible, it should always be cautious, not immediately starting the exercise but asking this person to see a doctor. Doctors will decide if the person can receive a therapeutic massage.


Thai massage is a healthcare method with many benefits. It can reduce the severity of headaches, relieve low back and joint pain, increase flexibility, calm your anxiety, and invigorate your mind and body.

Khách hàng thoải mái sau khi massage

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