The Most Prestigious Beauty Spa In Nha Trang City
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The Most Prestigious Beauty Spa In Nha Trang City

Sen Spa - one of the top choices of ladies in Nha Trang. Possessing a luxurious space, designed in a modern direction, close to nature, Sen Spa will give customers a sense of relaxation, lightness and extremely comfortable after a stressful working time. .

The services here are performed by technicians with many years of experience in the beauty industry, well-trained, combining modern machinery systems with techniques in health rehabilitation therapy and Beauty, which will surely bring you the radiance of your skin and turn your health care treatment into moments of true relaxation.

Some services at Sen spa:

  1. Body massage, fatigue relief therapy
  2. Body scrubs
  3. Professional skin care for each skin type
  4. Skin care with natural masks and other package services.
  5. Massage with aroma essential oil and hot stone
  6. Thai massage (oil-free and oil-free)
  7. Deep tissue massage
  8. Herbal massage.

For further information please contact:

Address: 241 Ngo Den street, Nha Trang City
Phone: 0908 258 121


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